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MahnoDahno™ - Fella Cederbaum
MahniDahni® - Fella Cederbaum

A Test | Reviewed by Gaurav Dutta courtesy of Cult Critic Independent Film Festival

“A Test”, a short film directed by Fella Cederbaum is a beautiful film of a duration of just seven minutes but relates to a lot of daily scenes we face at a personal level.  The feeling of stress, fear, anxiety as life keeps giving us challenges constantly and we have to deal with them accordingly.

Things always do not go our way, instead our life and our problems keep deviating us from our goals, affecting us emotionally, physically and in a lot of different ways. Sometimes, we close off ourselves to the world and enter into our own worlds trying to fight away from these issues searching for our safe space, but meanwhile we just go a lot deeper into the sectors of our mind, that brings us to our depressive states. In the film we see a character named MahnoDahno, in an animated background of a barren land, where even the trees do not have leaves, where he sits and depicts all the life’s challenges we have to go through as life keeps slapping us with new things on a daily basis.

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