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“Her wonderful and unusual technique, as well as her constant questions get the reader involved and make her poems more meaningful.”

Mark Wallace
Professor of English (ret.),
Thomas College, Waterville, Maine

“…Her wonderfully crafted poetry gives voice to our deepest questions about truth, love, pain and purpose. She explores the experiences of human life and celebrates the awareness of a power much greater than us.”

Jon Gordon
Best-Selling Author
(including the international
bestseller “The Energy Bus”)
Keynote Speaker,
Expert in Positive Leadership

“Fella’s poetry brings peace to noise, rhythm to silence, answers to questions and wakes up busy minds to reflect. She makes her meaningful words sound in a unique harmony that pleases, inspires and enlightens the reader. She has an authentic gift.”

-Edsel Gomez
Grammy Winning Pianist, Composer

Fella Cederbaum’s powerful poetry offers unflinching glimpses into her innermost thoughts and feelings. Written with authenticity, generosity and courage, her compelling musings invite the reader to open the door to their own inner sanctum, creating meaning that stirs the soul and challenges the mind.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
New York Times Best Selling
Author and Keynote Speaker

T.S. Eliot once said, “Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood,” and I find that timeless, living quality in Ms. Cederbaum’s evocative and inspiring work. Her poetry invites an innate understanding of those powerful intangibles we can only know through personal experience, and captures the Oneness alive in all of our hearts.”

-Robert Kopecky
Emmy-nominated art director
Author of How to Survive Life & Death
How to Get to Heaven
(Without Really Dying)

“Poets are born not made! Fella Cederbaum is a unique, brilliant poet who magically paints with words of wisdom, beauty, love and harmony.”

Yola Nash, WABC Radio
Show Host

“Life is rarely as it appears in plain view. Fella’s poetry explores life, its essence and its meaning in both consequential and insignificant moments. Her words offer a new lens to what we couldn’t see before so that we can feel differently moving forward.”

Brian Solis
Digital Anthropologist, Futurist,
Award winning author of
“Lifescale: How to Live a more creative, productive, happy life.”

“Each of Fella’s creative, fun and love infused poems awakens in you the awareness required to survive disruption and thrive in life.She awakens in you the awareness required to survive disruption and thrive in life.”

Tony Jeton Selimi
Five Times #1 Amazon
Bestselling Author of “A Path to Wisdom”
and the Co-creator of Multi-award Winning
“Living My Illusion” documentary series

“I find Fella Cederbaum as one of the most unique poets of modern times. In her collection “Of Life and Other Such Matters” she impressively dives into the human experience, offering a thought-provoking read. Her poetry is highly inspiring and reads like an inner thought that could be your own.”

-Robin de Levita, Internationally acclaimed, multiple Tony Award winning Broadway Producer, TV and Film Producer

“The Poetry of Awakening: These poems range from the mundane (Cadbury’s chocolate and fancy hairstyles) to the metaphysical (karma, pure awareness, the Soul) and they are a delight, and a challenge, to read. Simple and direct, they cover an amazingly wide range of human experience. For those who’d prefer to hear them read aloud, may I suggest a visit to”

Dr. Eric Leskowitz, MD
Harvard Psychiatrist,
Author, Film-Maker