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MahnoDahno™ - Fella Cederbaum
MahniDahni® - Fella Cederbaum


Music & Poetry
by Fella Cederbaum


Review by Anne Carlini
Courtesy of

On Truth and Destiny, psychotherapist-turned-poet Cederbaum aka MahnoDahno, shares a lifetime of insights on how to transcend disruption – and thrive!

Indeed, isolation and lockdown led to the creation of Truth and Destiny, the debut recording of artistic polymath Cederbaum. On the brand new debut album, the multi-talented author recites a dozen of her poems while performing her original compositions on piano and keyboards.


Review courtesy of

Spoken word is not a genre that is for everyone, like any kind of entertainment. It is very much a genre that appeals to a very distinct audience group. To that end, famed poet/author Fella Cederbaum’s debut album, Truth and Destiny is a work that will certainly appeal to a very targeted audience. The main aspect of this 12-track presentation is its lyrical content. This will be examined shortly. While the album’s lyrical content makes the record worth hearing, its musical counterpart detracts from the appeal of the record’s presentation. It will be discussed a little later. The record’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements and will also be discussed later. Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the record. All things considered, they make Truth and Destiny a presentation that will appeal to only a very targeted audience.