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MahnoDahno™ - Fella Cederbaum
MahniDahni® - Fella Cederbaum


Music & Poetry
by Fella Cederbaum


Review by Jonathan Widran
Courtesy of

While it definitely takes a bit more intellectual attention and patience to experience spoken word poetry set to music than sung lyrics, every, incisive, socially conscious word spoken by the multi-faceted creative expressive Fella Cederbaum on her compelling, ear popping and soul transformative second album Speech Acrobats is worth the investment of time and heart. 
The German born daughter of Holocaust survivors, Cederbaum –  who starting publishing poetry and fusing her passions for music and poetry in the late 2010s – comes by her hard won wisdom naturally as a lifelong observer taking copious mental notes as she’s flourished as deputy director of the Israel Chamber Orchestra, a Boston-based psychotherapist, widely exhibited painter and prolific, highly awarded independent short filmmaker and composer. 


Review by Tom Haugen
Courtesy of

The musician, poet and artist Fella Cederbaum is always unpredictable, and these 13 tracks continue her formula with emphasis on communication and coexisting in these unusual times.

“How Do You Know” opens the listen with a warm atmosphere, where Cederbaum’s thoughtful spoken word challenges us to question what we know, and “Experts” follows with graceful piano complementing the insightful talking that surrounds how knowledge manifests itself today.


Review courtesy of

Mixing poetry with ambient keyboards, Fella Cederbaum delivers messages of reflection, warning and wisdom like a news editor with a musical heart. There’s a tango’d synthesizer supporting messages to unite on “Truth Tango”, while fake news is lambasted on “News”. Some Nintendo tones support Cederbaum on the title tune while dark warnings take  place on “Fear” and “The Great Offense”. Bohemian rhapsodies?